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Year two

  1. Discussion and detailed analysis of structures and management systems of the PC institutions – via the Internet (web-site). PC partners make a detailed description – in the light of the knowledge acquired – of the systems functioning in their universities, with focus on their weak and strong points, in the context of their environments (regions), their possibilities and needs. Such analysis shall be made with the assistance of the EU partners. The so-called “moderators” and “promoters” will be appointed to direct, support and assist the PC participants.

    This will be extremely valuable material to serve as a starting point for working out or modifying the development strategies of the institutions considering their role and significance in the socio-economic development of their environments (regions).

    All the partners shall be involved in the realisation of this task. Duration – 4 to 5 months.

  2. Further study visits to the EU partner institutions (on the same basis as in the first year of the project implementation).

  3. A 3-day working meeting combined with a seminar summarising the activities; analysis of the existing systems. Final conclusions and a discussion on possible solutions. The meeting will take place in Poland and will bring together persons directly involved in the activities and the analysis, plus the Steering Committee.

  4. A discussion and exchange of ideas via the Internet (web-site). Development of the provisions for the cooperation mechanism within the structures of the Partner Countries institutions: organisation and personnel, infrastructures, etc.

  5. Printing a booklet containing the analysis of the problem and possible solutions. All the participants of this activity.

  6. Purchase of equipment for the Partner Countries institutions.

  7. A final meeting combined with a regional seminar to present the outcomes of the project held in Ukraine. The meeting will be attended, apart from the consortium members and the project participants, by the representatives of local self-governments and of business environment.