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Year one

  1. March 2008 - an organizing meeting and a seminar in Poland: a management meeting – discussing the structure of the project, the schedule of activities, the results planned, the ways of financing, the rules of the project management, the methods of communication, etc, and presenting the structures of all the partner institutions – 2 days; a seminar being an introduction to the project issues – presenting the potential and experience of the PC universities; development strategy of a university and a place of a university in its environment – presentations by the EU partners –3 days.

  2. Russian and Ukrainian partners prepare reports on the relations and cooperation of their universities with business and industry. The report also describes their needs and expectations of the project.

  3. Preparing the members of university boards and selected administrative staff in Partner Country institutions for participation in a series of training courses and study visits. The EU partners select the relevant literature and the examples of good practice for the PC participants.

  4. Designing the project web-site to place the literature, links and other elements supporting the preparation of the beneficiaries. The site as a communication portal between the project partners and the tool of managing the project. The site is administered by the Polish partner, but all the Partners contribute to its creation.

  5. May 2008 - a meeting of all the EU partners: presentation of conclusions, development of  work packages for the PC institutions – (the UK – 3 days)

  6. June 2008 - a seminar aimed at the university boards and administrative staff, organized in Ukraine by the EU partners, on the university development strategy and the establishment of university-industry cooperation; the analysis of weak and strong points of each university’s structure; how to prepare university services to support researchers in their new tasks. General analysis of the problem. How to eliminate/reduce the following shortcomings:

    - the lack of adequate structures;
    - modest information and moderate knowledge;
    - fear with respect to changes;
    - aversion to realise partnerships with potential innovation suppliers (3 days)

  7. July 2008 – a similar seminar held in Russia.

  8. September – November 2008 - one workshop in each EU partner university to present different, though complementary, problems such as:

    -  transfer of knowledge;
    -  academic incubators and centers of innovation;
    -  the EU support for research and regional development;
    -  academic entrepreneurship; spin-offs

  9. The practices will be applied in the subsequent study weeks.

    The workshops are aimed at selected key staff of the PC universities.

    The knowledge providers will come from all the EU universities so that the knowledge provided is not one-sided, but results from various experience.

  10. A conference to summarize all the elements of the first year of the project held in Vladimir.
    Evaluation and conclusions by each partner. The conference will bring together the governments, administrative staff and some academic staff of the PC universities. Representatives from business and local governments can also participate.
    The conference will last 5 days – on the last day a meeting of the Steering Committee will be held in order to discuss the final report, the ways of accounting expenses, and the second year’s schedule of activities.