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February 2010

A final meeting combined with a regional conference to present the outcomes of the project in Donetsk.


September 2009

A 3-day working meeting combined with a seminar in Łódź or Sevastopol to summarize the activities.


June - July 2009

Study visits at the Universities of Portsmouth, Cadiz and Łódź.


The beginning of February 2009

A conference in Russia to conclude the first year of the project.


November 12-21, 2008

Workshop and study visit held in Cadiz. Technology Transfer.


October 8-17, 2008

Workshop and study visit held in Łódź. The Accelerator/Innovation Centre.


September 3-12, 2008

Workshop and study visit held in Portsmouth. Themes: Industry/Academic Partnerships: Learning at Work/Partnership Programme, Student Placement Practices and Collaborative Project Examples in the Workshop together with the application of these practices in the Study visit.


July 6-9, 200

A seminar at Vladimir State University, Russia. The agenda items included:

- Establishment of University/Industry Co-operation - Local Economic Analysis

- The preparation of University services to support researchers/consultants

- The linking of University Research and Development Services to the needs of small/medium and large enterprises

- The development of local business confidence in University services.


June 17-19, 2008

Aseminar at Donetsk National Technical University (DonTNTU), Ukraine devoted, first of all, to the needs and expectations of the Ukrainian partner, to the presentation of the current state of industry/academia provision at DonNTU, and to the presentation of knowledge and experience of the EU partners. The main target group were the university decision makers.


March 27- 30, 2008

A management meeting combined with a seminar to present the potential and experience of the PC universities held in Łódź, Poland