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The main objective of the project is to provide theoretical and practical knowledge to prepare universisties to their new role and tasks in response to the changing environment and globalisation, to the needs of the labour markets, as well as to the role of partners in the development of their regions and local communities through establishing links and cooperation with industry.

The project aims at developing a mechanism of such cooperation within the structures of the Partners Countries universisties and instructing their selected staff to be liaison officers in the new structures.

With the 2-year project we intend to trigger and/or support processes of change and adaptation in the partners’ countries – at university level, for a start. The project’s main objective is to signal the problem to the university governments and staff, to raise their awareness of its importance, provide them with relevant knowledge and furnish with skills that will enable them to deal with the problem in the future and to benefit from research programmes. In other words – we aim at preparing university services to support researchers in their new tasks, which might also lead to the creation of (an) adequate unit(s) within the university structures.

Another important objective of the project is to identify the role of universities in the process of rapprochement of the two environments. We should answer questions such as what universities can and cannot do, and consequently – what can be expected of them considering their potential and position in the society. They should get ready to meet new challenges.